Oh hello, FRIDAY! So great to see you back here for the cheat sheet & the hours away weekend. It’s spring, gorgeous in most parts of the country & a great time to enjoy the outdoors BUT we have to advise you on SOME laptop time this weekend. We’re offering up 2 exclusive internship opportunities that are game-changers. Do NOT miss the chance to apply (the deadline is May 1st!). We as always also have some wonderful scholarships for you-apply to any and all that make sense to you!

How to pay attention 

20 alternatives to paying attention and wake up to what’s around us. Very Friday. (via)

Austen Endures
Ever wonder why there seems to be a Pride & Prejudice (with humans & zombies) remake every few years? (via)

Facebook’s new moves 
FB newest venture is informing what’s ‘news’, not the other way around…interesting take. (via)

10 Free//Affordable Classes for your Career!
Bookmarking forever! It never hurts to make the investment in yourselves, scholars. (via

NSCS Exclusive Internship Opportunities
Make School Code Academy 2 FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIPS + 5% Summer Academy tuition discount for all #NCSC members! make.sc/nscs

UMI (Ultimate Medical Internship)  a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in real-life gross anatomy labs, operating rooms and medical treatment rooms, and even to be able to observe human autopsies.

Top photo courtesy of this really cool art project by Shaheryar Malik-leaving books at NYC’s most popular photo spots! Read about him here.