Ultimate Medical Internship


Apply for the Ultimate Medical Internship
(June 12-29)

Summer applications are NOW open. Apply here.
Deadline to apply: May 1st

The Ultimate Medical Internship offers you the opportunity to visit Indian hospitals and clinics, to experience the big 3 experiences all aspiring doctors should see first-hand:

  • The ability to spend time in the gross anatomy lab working on full human cadavers;
  • The opportunity to be in the operating room or observation deck viewing surgery and talking to the physicians;
  • The privilege of shadowing physicians in the emergency room, clinic and office while they treat patients and perform procedures.

When you participate in the Ultimate Medical Internship’s NSCS cohort, you’re in an exclusive group of the top college students who’re focused on a future in medicine. 

Summer applications are NOW open. Apply here.
Deadline to apply: May 1st

Testimonials from past participants:

I am very thankful that NSCS informed me about this awesome opportunity, which I will never forget. The trip to India opened my eyes to how I can use my career to help people. At first I was reluctant to go, seeing myself more as a medical scientist-researcher. I changed my mind when I began to realize the trip would be an exciting opportunity to see many facets of medical treatment in a concentrated form. I can now say that the UMI program was everything I hoped it would be, but the most important benefit was that any reluctance I previously had to becoming a hands-on doctor was erased by this immersive experience with medical science and compassion.
Michael Hoenack
Arizona State University
UMI NSCS Winter 2015 Cohort


I decided to participate in the college UMI for a few reasons, but mainly because it was such a unique opportunity in the healthcare field and because I love to travel and experience new cultures. One highlight of my experience was surely the exposure I got to different branches of medicine. It was awesome to be able to shadow doctors of all different specialties and see what really peaked my interest for my future career. Another highlight was seeing live surgeries. I never really had any interest in surgery before the college UMI trip, but now it may be what I go into! If someone were interested in going I would definitely recommend it but tell them it takes a lot of courage and flexibility. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that paid for itself in experience. You learn as much about medicine as you do about a new culture, which makes you a better rounded individual.
Victoria Heilmann
Michigan State University
UMI Winter 2015 Cohort


The trip to India was definitely amazing and eye opening. Not only did I get to learn what doctors do on a daily basis, but also how hospitals and their departments functions overall. Many of the doctors motivated me and gave me determination to become a doctor.
Eric Overton
Stony Brook University
UMI Winter 2015 Cohort


Our winter 2015 cohort, in Ahmedabad, India
Summer applications are NOW open. Apply here.
Deadline to apply: May 1st
Questions? Email nscs@nscs.org.