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As someone that has lived and working in residence halls for almost 10 years, both undergrad and graduate student, safety is one of the primary reasons why student may live in the residence halls when they are attending school. As we near the end of the semester, it is still important to keep your guard up when on campus. Hopefully, these action tips will help you:

●    Observe your surroundings: If you are going to a club, bar, coffee shop, or library, make sure that you know where the exits are. Also make sure you know who is in front of you and behind you. Much like driving a car, you want to make sure that you aware of your blind spots!

●    Keep your belongings with you: Don’t leave your laptop, keys, wallet, etc. unattended.  Larson, or the stealing of items that are unattended, is one of the most common crimes on campus.

●    Stay with a buddy: When it is dark and it’s 2 AM, you are not completely coherent when you are on your way from the library. You are probably thinking about that test the next day! When you have a buddy, strangers are least likely to come up to you.  The more the merrier and the safer!

●    Know your neighbors: It is important not to let strangers trail behind you from the entrance of your apartment or residence hall, especially if you have to use or provide identification.

●    Get important numbers: Make sure that you have the important numbers.  If you live in the residence hall, make sure that you have the RA’s number as well as the front desk.  Don’t hesitate to also have your campus police and the city police in your phone. In the event of an emergency, you want to have those numbers readily available.

●    Report suspicious behavior: There is nothing wrong with telling a university official or the police that something or someone may be in trouble! You would have done a good thing by helping out your fellow student or citizen. Remember all tips can be anonymous.

●    Remember ICE: I have ICE in my phone, do you? ICE stands for “In Case of an Emergency.” Just in case something happens, a good Samaritan could see this and help contact someone that you trust. Mom, sister, best friend, frat brother, anyone that could assist in a pinch.

If everyone does their part, all will be able to be safe and make it to their loved ones at the end of the semester!

VaNessa Thompson is a graduate student at Lawrence Technological University majoring in Technical and Professional Communication.  She graduated with a BA in Communication from Michigan State University where she was a NSCS member.  Currently, she is one of NSCS’s Social Media Ambassadors and one of Dormify’s Style Advisors!  In her free time, she blogs and vlogs!  Feel free to tweet her @nessabirdie!