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The Pop Geek Playlist: Come va?

This week NSCS is bringing you music from the Repubblica italiana. The music of the Italian Republic ranges from across imported and native sources. And, is considered a cultural marker of national identity, holding an important position in both society and politics. Italian music can be defined as somewhat eclectic, but […]

Self-Nomination: The Breakdown

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars
 What is The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)? – NSCS is an honors organization, which seeks to recognize and elevate high achievers. Do I Qualify for Self-Nomination? Didn’t receive an invite to join NSCS? That doesn’t mean you don’t qualify for membership! The […]

The Study Break: A Weekly List of Our Favorite Distractions

In many countries, there is a sense of pride found from not only preparing, but serving homemade meals. It’s a right of passage for many young people, as well as a symbol of self-reliance and knowledge. Check-out HackCollege for ways you can not only save money, but burn calories, all […]

Discussing Failures over Coffee

Recently I met a new acquaintance for coffee introduced through a mutual connection who thought we could both benefit from knowing and networking with each other. What I thought would be a professional meeting became a get together between kindred spirits and the beginning of a lasting friendship. After getting […]


Today I have a short story for you with some reminders for living a more peaceful life… Last week I was part of a manhunt – and not the kind that the ladies on The Bachelor are on. This was a real manhunt complete with police helicopters, a helmet wearing […]

Excelling at Excel

I am definitely a Mac girl; but no one can do spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel. Just to put it bluntly: I love Microsoft Excel. On March 30, 2012, Business Management Daily released a press release with information from Esquibel on how Excel can reduce stress and time at work. Excel […]

When Life Dishes out Disappointment

I recently gathered with three of my best most amazing girlfriends for a dinner meeting to discuss a project we’re collaborating on. Soon we realized there was a fifth guest at our table: disappointment. Our business agenda was scraped as we realized our plates were already full of something else. […]

Résumé 2.0

Whether you have graduated or if you still have some years to go, it is important to constantly update your résumé. However, traditional résumés are becoming just one of the many ways to apply for a job, depending on the position you are looking to acquire! Vizualize.me Vizualize.me takes your […]