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When I walked into my office to sit down and write this update, I got a glimpse of my “unfinished business” box. It’s a clear box where I put bills to go over, calls to make, insurance claims to submit and other to-do’s. I hate looking at this box. Each time I do, I feel my stomach tighten as the pile gets bigger and bigger. Some of it is time sensitive and I know it. It is my box of procrastination and it has been bogging me down.

Enough! The pile certainly is not getting smaller by avoiding it so today I am dedicating an hour to completing unfinished business. My intention is to purge the box! Sure I have other pressing things to do that I could label as more productive. Yet I am also aware of the energetic stagnation that I have been creating by allowing this stack of papers to linger.

I invite you to join me today in completing unfinished business. Perhaps you can relate to a pile of papers you have been avoiding, or calls you need to make that you consistently find a reason to put off, or to-do’s that you just haven’t motivated yourself to do. You know what it is that you’ve been putting off. Just thinking of it now may be creating knots in your stomach.

For some inspiration to write this update, I just completed a call to my accountant I had been putting off for weeks. The call took all of 5 minutes and my accountant was exceedingly pleasant and helpful. Sometimes it’s the anticipation of doing things that causes far more angst than the actual doing. I encourage you to jump over the hurdle of procrastination and jump into action. Imagine how free you will feel when it’s complete! Imagine the possibilities for all the positive energy you can draw in as you clear space for yourself!

And for a little musical inspiration and in honor of the Lakers game tonight, where Christina will be performing, I invite you to listen to a song that captures how you will SOAR more and more as you lighten the loads of unfinished business in your life.





“In hell there is no other punishment than to begin over and over again the tasks left unfinished in your lifetime.”
 -Andre Gide

“The individual who wants to reach the top in business must appreciate the might and force of habit. He must be quick to break those habits that can break him-and hasten to adopt those practices that will become the habits that help him achieve the success he desires.” 
-J. Paul Getty


Christine Hassler supports individuals in discovering the answers to the questions: “Who Am I, What do I want, and How do I get it?” Christine grew up in Dallas, graduated cum laude from Northwestern University and received her Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She is now a Life Coach with a counseling emphasis specializing in relationships, career, finances, self-identity, personal and spiritual growth. Her expertise is centered on the twenty and early thirty something years of life. Christine has authored two books: Twenty-Something, Twenty-Everything: A Quarter-life Woman’s Guide to Balance and Direction and The Twenty-Something Manifesto. As a professional speaker, Christine leads seminars and workshops to audiences around the country. She has spoken to over 10,000 college students as well as to conferences and corporations about generational diversity. Christine has appeared as an expert on The Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style and PBS, as well as various local television and radio shows, speaking about life issues and “Expectation Hangovers®” – a phenomenon she identified and trademarked.

Christine is the spokesperson for Zync from American Express and the key resource for their Quarterlife Program, which empowers young people to take control of their finances. She also created a life balance curriculum for the Leadership Institute and is a member of Northwestern University’s Council of 100. Beginning this fall, Christine will serve on the faculty of the University of Santa Monica.

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