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Scholarly Giveaways at Cornell NSCS Meetings

The NSCS Chapter at Cornell Univeristy is rewarding members who participate in general body meetings. They will be raffled off a Pearsons GRE Practice Test Book at their 3.29.11 meeting. What else did they discuss? Check out their General Meeting Slide Show.

NSCS Officers Participate in College of Charleston Student Police Day

NSCS Officers at the College of Charleson are lending a hand to the advisory council to the Police Chief in Charleston and are  scheduling a Student Police Day at the Police Station. The event takes place on Saturday, April 9th, 12:00pm-4:00pm at the station on Lockwood and lunch will be provided complements of […]

Easy Money Saving Techniques for Any College Student

We’ve all heard it before, from our advisors, our mentors and of course our parents: “learn to save your money.” Now that you’re away from home, you have probably started to realize saving money on a college students’ income is much easier said then done. In fact, many of you […]

Meet in Person, Work Online: Tech Tools for Club Management

Running a successful student organization is complex. The key is combining the right leaders and providing them with the tools to do great things. A binder and highlighters are useful, but just won’t cut it for management tools, anymore. There are many FREE online tools that can help organizations to increase productivity, maximize […]

Earth, Empowered

Thanks to my friends in environmental engineering, I’ve got a major opportunity to look forward to this spring. It’s called PowerShift 2011, and it’s happening April 15-18 in Washington D.C. Essentially, PowerShift is a massive conference designed to educate college students all over the country about the environmental crises facing […]

Spring Trends

This spring, brighten up your wardrobe.  Step away from the black!  This season’s “it” colors include light coral, mint, white, and various shades of neutrals.  Look for these colors in muted tones, pastel tones, and metallics. Focus on solid colors, but if patterns are your thing, don’t fret!  Go with […]

Spring CCleaning

April is here and showers aren’t the only things that have come with it.  As the weather begins to turn from the drab and dreary doldrums of winter, many of us will kick off the new season with a cleansing tradition known as “spring cleaning.”  If you’re a student, your […]