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NSCS Members at University of Wyoming Volunteer for Reading Program

UW NSCS members volunteered at the University of Wyoming Reading Club at Hastings bookstore. They read books provided by Hastings to children from 4:00pm – 5:00pm on Mondays and Fridays throughout the month of March to promote childhood literacy! To see what else the UW chapter has been up to, check out […]

Wayne State NSCS Officers Hold March Madness Social

Wayne State Officers held a March Madness social for NSCS members and WSU students free of charge. They watched the NCAA Final Four game at 8:30 and played board & card games during half-time. NSCS served snacks, raffled off basketball-related prizes and gave a Starbucks gift card! It was a fun-filled […]

NSCS Members at TWU Pledge to Resist Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is a dangerous (and illegal!) activity. The NSCS members at Texas Women’s University paired up with with the TWU Student Union and Commuter Services on campus to promote safe spirng break road trips. They hosted two banner signings and asked students to pledge not to text and […]

CSULB NSCS Members Consider a Day Without Shoes

NSCS Members at California State University, Long Beach participated in the worldwide event One Day Without Shoes on April 5, 2011. Members refrained from wearing shoes for the day and met together in the evening to watch the TOMS documentary and disucss their reactions. The event is meant to highlight the children of […]

UIUC NSCS Members Clean Up the Community

NSCS members are participating in the the Boneyard Creek Cleanup on April 16 from 9am to 12pm. The Boneyard Creek Cleanup is a community day put on by CU where local people and University students go around and pickup garbage that would eventually drain into the Boneyard Creek. Check out all of […]

Scholarly Giveaways at Cornell NSCS Meetings

The NSCS Chapter at Cornell Univeristy is rewarding members who participate in general body meetings. They will be raffled off a Pearsons GRE Practice Test Book at their 3.29.11 meeting. What else did they discuss? Check out their General Meeting Slide Show.

NSCS Officers Participate in College of Charleston Student Police Day

NSCS Officers at the College of Charleson are lending a hand to the advisory council to the Police Chief in Charleston and are  scheduling a Student Police Day at the Police Station. The event takes place on Saturday, April 9th, 12:00pm-4:00pm at the station on Lockwood and lunch will be provided complements of […]

Easy Money Saving Techniques for Any College Student

We’ve all heard it before, from our advisors, our mentors and of course our parents: “learn to save your money.” Now that you’re away from home, you have probably started to realize saving money on a college students’ income is much easier said then done. In fact, many of you […]