Every year, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars awards four $2,500 scholarships to outstanding community college members who are transferring into a 4-year institution. One of last year’s scholarship recipients, Elise Anderson, shared some tips on how to make your transfer experience a success.

Tips for a Successful Transfer Experience

1) Put yourself out there. Sure, you feel out of place, but no one else knows that you haven’t been around for the past year or two.

2) Don’t wear headphones everywhere you go. You miss a lot when you do–people, places, things!

3) Get to know your professors, especially those in your major.  The classes are likely to be larger than those at community college, but don’t let that stop you from asking questions in class and going to office hours.  Professors usually appreciate that someone cares about their subject.  Plus, you never know when you might need a letter of recommendation.

4) Don’t assume that you are “behind” because your previous classes were community college classes.  If you are motivated, you will pass classes and learn new material, which is the real goal of school after all.

Elise currently studies math at Virginia Tech and hopes to work in the space industry in the future. While at Tech, she has participated in the following organizations: NSCS, SIAM, AMW, Sailing Club and ASL Club.







To learn more about how you can win scholarship money as a transfer student from a community college, visit the NSCS scholarship page.


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