Scholarships + Internships = April at NSCS

Happy Monday, scholars! We want to highlight some NSCS business going on, both internships AND scholarships that are open right now. It’s a reminder that even as the semester winds down, there’s PLENTY of ways you can help yourself for next year (adulting, you awesome scholar, you!) Let’s get started: […]

Steve’s 5 Things for Graduating Members

As we embark on the end of March, I want to wish you an early ‘congratulations!’ to the graduating seniors!  It seems yesterday that I was signing your new member certificates, I can only begin to imagine how the time has flown for you. As you begin the journey of ‘moving-on-to-the-next-step’, […]

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Job

If you’re like many college seniors, you and your roommate probably have a large calendar posted on your wall, and every morning you wake up with a Sharpie to cross off yet another day because, let’s face it, your graduation is quickly approaching. OK, who uses print calendars and Sharpies […]

Career 101 from GiftedHire: Take the extra minute

The following post comes courtesy of Nick Farina, CEO of GiftedHire, the career platform that helps you find your calling. Use GiftedHire to showcase your achievements, explore career paths and connect with leading employers. Post originally featured on Medium. A few minutes of extra work can separate you from other job applicants […]

The 10 Best Cities for Post-Grads

You’re halfway through the second semester of your senior year, and now it’s time to start thinking about what happens after graduation. It’s an exciting and nerve-racking moment. There are loads of questions you’ll need to answer to find just the right location to begin your professional career: Where should […]

Cover Letter Step-By-Step

From GiftedHire, the exclusive way NSCS members are connecting with prospective employers! Create your profile in just a few minutes today…it could change your life!  This article is an excerpt from Ryan Kahn’s step-by-step video course “How To Get Hired” and is shared exclusively for GiftedHire’s high-achieving students and recent […]

GenZ-What the Experts Are Saying About You

Ever feel like someone’s talking about you? Well if you’re considered part of Generation Z, trust your gut more often-SXSW has been talking about you incessantly for their entire conference. The following is Forbes take on these Gen Z experts & what they have to say about you: At SXSW […]

Guest Post! Your Brand + Social-a REAL guide

Back in the day, all you had to worry about when it came to making an impression on people was interacting in person. But in the age of social networking, our image matters on multiple platforms, not just in real life. This age has brought about the term “personal brand” […]