“Twenty-four hours before my two-day travel experience I was a nervous wreck. I was worried about immigration services, my visa, living arrangements, luggage, and overall survival. I double checked all my bags, making sure I packed everything, and I even made five copies of my birth certificate, social security card, flight information, visa approval, and itinerary. As soon as I landed in Singapore and got to my location, I received an immediate inquiry from Absolute Internship asking about my arrival and safety. I was finally relaxed.

My internship experience through Absolute Internship was truly a blessing. I sent my application in and got an invitation to interview within 4-5 days. I was super anxious throughout the process and would email the staff all the time, yet they were so kind to me and responded to me in patience with kindness. The interview was brief, covering mainly my goals and my expectations for the interview.

After my first interview I was sent an acceptance letter and joined the program. Soon after joining I was contacted to interview for a firm that offers professional services and investment management. Within 2-3 days, I received an unpaid offer to intern with the regional finance team in Singapore.

Now to tackle the part that worried me the most, my visa process. I was happy I choose Absolute Internship as they made sure my application got approved. After arriving in Singapore, Absolute Internship took me to the government office to receive my work holiday card.

As my two month internship is coming to a close, I have not regretted my experience here. The financial sacrifice was worth it. The companies that host the internships are recognizable corporations that work wonders for your resume. After my internship, I put in applications for internships in the US and immediately received calls and interest from various Fortune 500 companies. The name is great on paper but the experience is invaluable.

Thank you Absolute Internship, I could have not done this without you!”

For more information about Absolute Internship check out their website.

Tori-Ann Holness- Florida International University