The good news for finance majors is that the field they have chosen involves each and every sector of society. Every business that exists needs to have their finances in great shape. Many of them need to pay taxes, and all of them need to make sure their bills are paid on time. Since finance plays such a vital role in the economy of our society, the potential careers with a bachelor’s degree in finance degree are numerous.

One career available to those graduating with a bachelor’s degree in finance is the role of financial analyst. These individuals examine an organization’s financial status and make recommendations on how the organization should spend its money. Some senior financial analysts are in charge of making recommendations for the entire company and have a master’s degree, but many entry level analysts hold a bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, a financial analyst may specialize in a particular area. People who make decisions on lending loans at a bank, for example, are financial analysts, as are the people who approve and deny credit card applications. Some areas of expertise for financial analysts include budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, taxes and personal finances.

For those graduates who would rather work on an individual basis than with a large company, the career of a personal financial advisor or financial planner might be the best choice. In this field, advisors meet with individuals and discuss the best types of investments to help the individuals meet their personal financial goals. Retirement, taxes, sending children to college and vacations are just some of the areas in which a personal financial advisor or financial planner can assist.

Perhaps a graduate would rather spend most of their time examining books instead of dealing with people? If so, careers such as accountants and auditors might be the best choice. Although these careers require careful analyzing of financial histories, their advice usually comes in the form of a report on the company or individual’s current financial status.

Although most graduates may be planning on entering the banking industry, finance majors can find employment in many other areas. Real estate, insurance companies, large firms, small businesses, collection agencies and retail chains all offer job opportunities for someone with a bachelor’s degree in finance.

This degree offers opportunities in almost every field. However, additional factors may contribute to the graduate’s ability to find careers with a bachelor’s degree in finance, including the graduate’s academic record and employment history. For the best employment opportunities, students should be willing to pursue an internship during their undergraduate studies.