To avoid the Freshmen 15 (or in my case the Freshmen Bajillion LOL), there are amazing things that you can do to tone up and keep the weight off.

Nike Exercise Apps

Nike Training Clubgives you different work out routines that can help you lean and tone. You can do these in the comfort of your home or at the gym. Nike+ Running App tracks your runs, how many calories you burn, etc. The app is free but you will need a Nike+ iPod sensor.

YouTube Classes

I like going on my Xbox and playing these videos through my TV. It is like having a DVD without paying for it! I need to incorporate these more within my day!! Many also include recipes that are healthy and delicious! Here’s my favorites: Fitsugar / Livestrong Woman / Tone It Up / Tara Stiles.

College Fitness Classes

If you are a college student, you can take some fitness classes at your school gym! They are free to you and you can partake in all of the fun! A lot of times this is more affordable than going to a private club!

Walk / Bike to Class
If go to a school where it is super huge, like Michigan State, you can get shed some pounds by walking or biking to class. I used to bike to all of my classes (before winter would come). It was a great way to see campus and I was able to get to class faster than taking the bus. Definitely recommend it!

With these suggestions and resources, you with be a fit geek in no time!


VaNessa Thompson is a graduate student at Lawrence Technological University majoring in Technical and Professional Communication.  She graduated with a BA in Communication from Michigan State University where she was a NSCS member.  Also at Michigan State, she was an RA for 3.5 years.  Currently, she is one of NSCS’s Social Media Ambassadors (tweets, posts, and everything in between) as well as an employee for LTU’s University Housing.  She hopes to get her PhD in Communication and become a professor.