When you get a textbook, you usually don’t automatically think about renting the book, but maybe you should.  Honestly, do you really want that 700-page textbook that you hardly looked at laying around your dorm room floor?  When is the next time you are going to look at it, much less use it as a reference for something?  That’s why I tend to rent my books.  Unless I know for certain that I will be using the book for a specific reason later in my career, I don’t see a reason to spend so much money on something I may or may not use.  Renting textbooks makes it cheaper for you in the long run and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up more clutter when that date comes over for pizza and a movie.

So, you figure you’re going to rent your textbook, but yet now you don’t know where to go… try one of the best sites that I have seen in a long time — BookRenter.com.  The user interface is very easy to navigate and the checkout goes by very smoothly.  When you go to the website, immediately you see a bar at the top where you can search for your book in various ways like ISBN number, title, or author. Another great feature is the ability to sign in and keep track of items via Facebook and Twitter.

So, how long do you need the book?  You have some options… and as we all know, options are good. Overall, I see a lot of positives in renting textbooks rather than going to a college bookstore, taking the time to pick out 14 books (3 of which you will regularly look at and read),  spending hundreds of dollars and lugging them back to your dorm room or apartment.  With renting from BookRenter.com, it’s as simple as browsing the website in your pajamas and having them mailed to your place of residence.  To me it’s a win-win situation all around.  Rent your textbooks this semester and see how easy it is.  You’ll never walk into the campus bookstore again (at least not for a textbook)!

Jason Sweigart is a student of Jones International University studying Communications and PR and is the president of the JIU NSCS chapter. When he’s not studying or doing homework, you can find him hitting the pavement and training for marathons. Jason enjoys roller coasters, spending time with friends and family, eating, and going to see his beloved Phillies and Eagles. He loves meeting as many new people as he can and connecting with all of them. You can find him on Twitter at @jsweigartNSCS.