Happy Friday Scholars! For us here at our HQ in DC, we’re wrapping up our first week back…both refreshing & a little bit exhausting. And while the term ‘New Year’s Resolution’ is met with a wide variety of emotions (from yeah to bleh), we thought a little documentation this week could be a motivator. From our instagram feed (@NSCS), here’s what we’re going for in 2015:



Huge proposal from The White House today-free community college tuition for 2 year…we’d love to hear your take scholars.

Now that we’re in the new year, the countdown to ScholarCon has BEGUN! This year marks  our 2nd go-round of the craziest, coolest unconventional convention for college students & grads. So we want to welcome you back to the party & spread the Scholar Love….follow us on instagram @ScholarCon2015 & the chance to win a sa-weet giftcard is yours (plus you know have a cool new account to follow…if we do say so ourselves 🙂 )