Med school isn’t like Scrubs.

Students who are thinking about medical school have heard it from the first time they stepped into their campus’s premed center. Get internships. Get the experiences so you’ll have something to write about in your med school applications. In your interviews, you will have to speak convincingly about your passion for medicine, not just your good grades. You’ll have a more coherent application if you can prove that being a doctor is just as important to you as getting accepted to medical school is.

But with all the studying you do to get the grades to make you competitive, and time holding leadership positions in your extracurricular activities, and on top of that, you need to put your time in at office hours so that your professors will be able to write detailed, compelling letters of recommendation.

And when you’re trying to squeeze in your classes, it might be hard to find time to study abroad, and maybe that’s something you always wanted to do during college. Plus, spending time in other countries lets you learn how to thrive outside of your comfort zone.

One more challenge might be that your uncle is always asking you whether you’re sure you want to be a doctor. He thinks that you watched too much Scrubs. Or Grey’s Anatomy. But he doesn’t get that you know your fellow doctors won’t be Hollywood actors. And the patients won’t all have heartwarming stories. You know. You’ve been there…right?

You know where this is going. There’s one, shining answer that solves all of your problems. And you’re right. There is.

Ultimate Medical Internship is leaving for Ahmedabad, India this summer, June 12-29. Go abroad. Get the clinical experience you need. Meet awesome people who are also NSCS members. Here’s the application. The deadline to apply is May 1.

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