“During the long holiday weekend, 46.9 million Americans are expected to go 50 miles or more from home, the highest number since 2007.”

Ah, the holiday travel! We’re inspired to bring up that above stat (via AP) as many of your NSCS staff here at DC are gearing up to hit the road, sky & bus terminal (maybe this time next year, it will be hover board?). So we’re sharing some tips, in order that we hear them being shouted around our HQ, for you:

Flying? Remember this.
Delays are practically inevitable, especially with the wonky weather & influx of travelers. If you feel like you may miss a connection or have a delay, call (yes, this requires using the ‘phone’ function on our phones…gulp) the airlines customer service. Stephanie from our Marketing Department has been seamlessly booked on the following flight & avoided the stress when missed connections happen

An Outfit in the Carry-On
Lost luggage = the same outfit (not to mention socks) for day(s). Toss in the essentials & maybe some clean clothes into your carry-on…better safe than stinky πŸ™‚

Driving? Grab a consultant
Via apps like Waze, Beat the Traffic, or finding alt routes on Google Maps. We don’t think it hurts to have a screenshot of your AAA membership in case of emergency…and bring your car charger!!

What’s the WiFi password?
Bus & train travelers rejoice! Most companies offer WiFi services! Check before your trip-if there’s WiFi AWESOME! Plan on knocking out some Netflix or far more importantly, get a leg up on break work from school or the office. No Wifi? Plan on a book, stack of mags or long lost Zzz’s. Don’t forget snacks!

Adele? Adele.
Because she’s killing it everywhere else, she can probably save Thanksgiving too…right? Leave it to SNL to take both gripping world issues & ‘Hello’ into the mix.


What are your favorite travel tips, scholars? Comment below…we’re all in it together πŸ™‚