Nowadays almost every college student has an iPhone and/or iTouch and its important to have the best apps for them. I recently just got myself an iPhone this last summer and I’m obsessed with trying to find new apps. I’m pretty sure I check iTunes several times a week, if not daily.

Here’s a list of my five favorite apps in no particular order:


  1. Social Media Apps
    There are too many for me to list them individually so I decided to list them as a group. This group consists of but is not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress and FourSquare. If you are anything like me and you are obsessed with social media than you should have some or all of these apps. They are perfect for staying in touch friends and family as well as keeping up to date on the world.
  2. Netflix
    You will quickly learn that it will be your best and worst enemy in college. It is best when you want to either catch up on your shows or re-watch shows/ movies. However it can quickly turn into an obsession. I love having it on my phone especially when I am traveling back and forth from school and home or when the internet at my house isn’t working.
  3. Online News
    Since I am a journalism student, I love keeping up to date on current events. Some of my favorite news sources are USA Today, NY Times, Huffington Post and if I am feeling ambitious the Wall Street Journal.
  4. Comedic Relief
    Sometimes reading the news can just bring you down and whenever I need a break from the real world I turn to apps that simply make me laugh. Some of my favorite are Texts From Last Night (TFLN) or the Onion. These are just some of my favorite apps. You can also get comedic relief with many of the different games that iTunes has to offer.
  5. Travel Apps
    Since I am an out of state and a travel freak I have a lot of different types of travel apps on my phone. Two of my favorites are Southwest and CheapOAir. I mainly use my Southwest app when I am flying from school to back home. Its my everyday practical app for traveling. Whenever I am bored in class or have the urge to fly somewhere else I use CheapOAir. It allows me to find look at a wide range of airlines that fly all around the world. I often find myself looking up flights to different parts of the world when I am bored. Maybe one day I will actually book one.

Emily Miller is a sophomore at the the University of Missouri majoring Journalism and Political Science with a French minor. She was born and raised a Chicagoan but is currently living in Columbia, Missouri. She’s actively involved in the American Advertising Federation, Mizzou for Movember, a member of NSCS and a writer for the Odyssey newspaper and J-School Buzz at Mizzou. After graduation she wishes to pursue a career working for a marketing, advertising or public relations firm. Emily a passion for traveling and her life goal is to completely fill out a passport. She lives by the motto, “Live each day like it’s your last.” Follow her on Twitter at @Miilleerrr.