1. Remember names and use them! (If you’re bad at remembering names, try using some of these techniques from Forbes.com à link to: http://www.forbes.com/2010/04/20/how-to-remember-names-entrepreneurs-human-resources-remember-names.html)
  2. Take notes. When you meet someone new, write the details of your meeting and about the person on their business card. For example – Jonathan Smith, Account Manager – Met on 5/2/2013 at Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser. Knows Dan Jones (mutual contact), golfs, UNCC alum.
  3. Be a listener. People like it when others ask questions and listen to their responses! Listening will also allow you to learn a lot about your new contact, which can make for a very productive networking relationship.
  4. Remember, it’s okay to end a conversation. If you’ve met someone and the conversation’s going nowhere, or you wish it hadn’t started to begin with, it’s okay to politely end the conversation and start a new one with someone new.
  5. We all network for the same reason. People at a networking event are there to meet people, those on LinkedIn are there to “link” and connect with other professionals, and we make and receive introductions all for the same reason. Don’t feel embarrassed or alone – when it comes to networking, everyone is just like you!

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Tips come from Jessica Gershuny, Senior Manager of Strategic Development and NSCS Careers, as written by Catherine Provost, Senior Manager of NSCS Alumni Engagement. You can follow NSCS Alumni on Twitter at @NSCSAlumni, and NSCS Careers by using the Twitter hashtag #NSCSCareers.  – See more at: https://talknerdy2me.org/?s=networking#sthash.qlkoDKzP.dpuf