If you are a college student with résumé or interview questions, constantly looking for more resources that post internship links, or simply want to prepare yourself for getting a job after graduation, these are the people you should be following:

5. Ryan Kahn, Career Coach @RyanKahnHired
Ryan Kahn was made famous by the MTV documentary show Hired that followed around recent college grads. He gives tips about how to land internships and jobs. Beyond his own advice, he also posts links to other resources and tweets internship and job listings. I love following Ryan because among all his helpful hints he also sends tweets about remaining positive and aiming high for your dream position.

4. Jessica Hernandez, Career & Personal Branding @GreatResume
Published author and former Human Relations Manager Jessica Hernandez tweets short, informative résumé tips as well as links to her website www.greatresumesfast.com with full explanations of the Dos and Don’ts of résumé writing. One of her best features is her tweets in Q&A format. She tackles basic questions such as “What should my cover letter include?” along with thought-provoking questions like “What are my strengths?”

3. New York Creative Interns @NYCinternz
Even if you’re not in the New York area, New York Creative Interns has some great ideas for networking, résumé building, and securing internship positions. The team consists of student interns and recent additions to the New York workforce in various industries—both with different but helpful perspectives on what you should be doing to get your dream internship.

2. Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen @InternQueen
After holding fifteen internship positions during her four years of college, Lauren Berger started a company to help students find internships. On Twitter, Lauren posts internship listings from around the country. If you join her website, internqueen.com, she will help you apply to all the positions she tweets about. Lauren also has student “campus ambassadors” at various colleges and universities in the U.S. The Intern Queen twitter will help you keep track of all the articles the ambassadors post on her website which discuss everything from interview tips to “Why the Cast of the Jersey Shore Could Land an Internship.”

1. Internships.com @Internships
Internships.com is one of my favorite websites. If you don’t have a profile on it—go make one! It allows you to upload your résumé and apply to internships directly through their site. I have been offered quite a few interviews after applying to internships on the website, and have even heard from employees who sought me out because they liked my résumé! I follow Internships.com on Twitter because when I don’t make the time to actively go to their website and search for positions, I can follow their tweets about the newest internships available. They also tweet tips and frequently survey the students who follow them so that they can be as helpful as possible.

Amanda Gallucci is a junior at Providence College in Rhode Island, studying English and Business. She is actively involved in Dance Club, Social Justice Advocacy, Student Alumni Association and is a member of NSCS. She hopes to one day land a marketing position in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @agalluch.