Check out these 5 links from our partner blogs!

1. January is Job Search Month, according to theDailyMuse, and this hiring season they are helping job hunters everywhere land their next job. Check out theDailyMuse’s Happy Job Search Month page for advice, articles, and answers to your job search questions! Graduating seniors I suggest you take a look.

2. Now we all know that one of the primary ingredients for finding a job is the perfect resume: HackCollege’s blogger Sarah Feng found an easy way to generate a formatted resume from your LinkedIn Profile. Read her article and be sure to try out the LinkedIn Resume Builder.

3. For those not looking for a job just quite yet, an internship might be something you’ve been searching for instead. College Magazine’s Internship of the day is a History and Government Internship with the United States Navy. Check it out here

4. It’s a New Year, and I know some of you have your own long list of resolutions for 2012. After reading Bethany Imondi’s post, on the site Big Girl Small Kitchen College, I fell in love with her list of 8 Great Resolutions for 2012. These goals are not only realistic and sustainable but also perfect for stressed out students, like myself.

5. One of my favorite finds of the week is brought to you by College Cures. Blogger, Jen Rhee provides readers with an info-graphic by Cisco that illustrates The New Workplace Currency. “The recent study by Cisco reveals that access to social media during work hours, device freedom, and work mobility are equally (if not more) desired than money among college students today.” You have to check this out! Share your thoughts and comments below.

Compiled by Courtnay Oddman.

Courtnay Oddman is a senior at The George Washington University, majoring in Communications, with a double minor in Statistics and Health and Wellness. She has been a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars since 2008. Courtnay is currently the Social Media Intern at the NSCS national office and is a regular contributor to the NSCS Twitter account. She enjoys attending GWU basketball games and being a mentor to students on campus. Courtnay is currently applying to graduate schools in the field of Higher Education and aspires to one day be a student affairs professional.