Want to dance to the beat of your own drum this summer? Whether you are a hipster or not, mainstream music can get a bit tedious at times. Instead of settling with music that is popular and easy to find, try digging for oddities. Sometimes it is fun to surf the web for music that flies under the Top 40 radar. Checking out eclectic college radio mixes is also a great way to find obscure, appealing indie music. So, enjoy this list of non-mainstream music. As the hipsters say, listening to this will get you some serious “indie cred.”

All the music posted can be purchased on Amazon or iTunes.

Want some nice background music to listen to while at the beach this summer? Look out for next week’s playlist!

Lily Angelle is a Radio-Television-Film major at The University of Texas in Austin, TX. She hopes to one day be a cinematographer or screenwriter. In her spare time she enjoys going to concerts, and often writes music reviews for the blog “30 Days Out.” Lily’s favorite bands are Weezer, The Beatles, and The Velvet Underground. You can often find her studying on campus in the Cactus Cafe, or around Austin at Home Slice, her favorite pizza place.