With summer comes the inevitability of beach visits- loading up the car and heading out for a day of sunshine, sand and surf. Although it’s a bit outdated to carry the traditional beach-visit transistor radio nowadays, packing a portable iPod dock, stereo, or some type of music player will come in handy while you relax in the warm sand. Here are some jams with a summer vibe to play alongside a trip to the beach.

All the music posted can be purchased on Amazon or iTunes.

For music perfect to listen to on rainy summer days, check out next week’s playlist!

Lily Angelle is a Radio-Television-Film major at The University of Texas in Austin, TX. She hopes to one day be a cinematographer or screenwriter. In her spare time she enjoys going to concerts, and often writes music reviews for the blog “30 Days Out.” Lily’s favorite bands are Weezer, The Beatles, and The Velvet Underground. You can often find her studying on campus in the Cactus Cafe, or around Austin at Home Slice, her favorite pizza place.