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This time of year it’s almost as if everything is in a state of limbo. Some students are preparing for their upcoming Graduations, while others are looking forward to a relaxing Summer holiday. No matter the case, all students are faced with the same stresses and deadlines. We hope to relax, yet motivate you at the same time. So, whether you still have assignments to push through or finals to prepare for, kick back and enjoy this week’s NSCS weekly playlist!


Check back and tune-in next week for a playlist to prepare for and push through those finals.

Bianca Williams graduated from the University of Arizona where she spent 4 years as a DJ and PA for KAMP Student Radio, as well as interning for a local record/concert promotion company. She possess a love for all things New Media, traveling, languages, film, radio, photography, vintage bikes, snowboarding… everything! and is in pursuit of a career in freelance writing. All of her musical tastes and influences come from her world travels and the amazing people who have shared their lives with her along the way. Bianca is a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars and works as an NSCS Social Media Ambassador. Follow her on Twitter @biancadene.