As we embark on the end of March, I want to wish you an early ‘congratulations!’ to the graduating seniors!  It seems yesterday that I was signing your new member certificates, I can only begin to imagine how the time has flown for you.

steveAs you begin the journey of ‘moving-on-to-the-next-step’, I want to make sure you know the ways that NSCS is there for you, now, in the future, and for your entire lifetime.

1. Time to start applying to jobs. Did you realize that a lot of employers use software to pull out the resumes that they actually look at? If you resume isn’t formatted the way that the algorithm prefers, it probably won’t ever be considered. Since I know that NSCS members care about finding a job, I encourage all of you to activate the GiftedHire profile that comes with your membership. When you upload your resume to GiftedHire, you can review it the way an algorithm will – and make sure you’re coming across the way you want.

2. You’re still a member after you graduate! Once you earn your degree, you become an NSCS Lifetime Member.  To make sure you hear about the graduate school opportunities, career search benefits, and scholarships for alumni,update your profile. Go to and update what you’re doing for your next step.

3. Dress up your graduation robes. You worked hard to be eligible for NSCS. Show off everything you’ve accomplished and deck yourself out in NSCS regalia. Choose your own combination of cords, a stole, a medal, or a tasselat

4. Take advantage of your network of over one million. You know that idea about six degrees of separation? The one that Facebook estimates is more like three and a half degrees? Whomever it is that you need to meet, the NSCS LinkedIn page is the place to start. Make the connection through your honor society!  

5. Keep in touch! If you haven’t already, get in touch on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. We’ll never forget you!