Late nights at the Library. Late nights…other places. Let’s face it, we all veer from our routines from time to time. College is full of spontaneity and fun, as it should be. However, we all need to keep our fitness goals in mind in order to achieve them in a timely manner. As a college student and personal trainer, I see that so many of my peers have trouble sticking to their fitness goals because of distraction. Fortunately, there is a rather simple solution. Motivation!

Motivation is not an isolated impetus, rather, it is a psychological edifice that we need to continually reinforce from the second we wake until the second we dose off to sleep. Motivation is a continual process, it is the sum of all of the little steps we take during the day to achieve our future goals.

A truly motivated person works toward acquiring a quantifiable index of daily achievement; goals are, therefore, the net sum of these daily achievements. After working in the real world of personal fitness training for quite some time, I can say that individuals of all ages fail to acquire true motivation for one reason; they don’t set attainable, measurable goals.

Although distractions are more than prevalent for college students today than ever before, I have compiled a few tips that can help you concentrate on your goals, stay motivated to exercise, and maintain a consistent regimen for a fit, healthy lifestyle.

1. Create a basic outline of your daily activities ahead of time.

By writing out your daily activities, you will get a better feel for how you budget your time in and out of school. Plan for success.

2. Take advantage of the technology you already have.

Just about everyone has a smart phone these days. Even if you don’t, most mobile phones and “e-readers” are equipped with a calendar function. Use it. Try budgeting your time around schoolwork, workouts, meals, and activities to better organize your day. Check them as religiously as you check your Facebook and you will definitely improve your time management! There are also countless apps out there. Find something that will keep you on track and organize your workouts from day to day.

3. Make small, daily goals.

Each small step adds up to the whole. Even if it is as simple as getting to the gym on a particular day, small goals matter.

4. Write it down

Record your workouts and exercises so you can work to improve. Creating a tangible reference of performance, such as a workout log, is imperative to maintaining gains from workout to workout.

5. Have fun with it!

Find exercises you want to do and you will stick with them; do your own research. Don’t be afraid to join club sports or attend classes at your college’s fitness center. Try something new, you might enjoy it!

I challenge you to try using some of these tips to stay motivated, timely, and best of all, fit!

Mike Wasyl is a Junior at The College of New Jersey, majoring in English and minoring in Marketing. Aside from being courageously  enthusiastic, he is a NESTA certified personal trainer, writer, and dedicated music junkie. Upon graduation, he will seek a career in digital marketing and entertainment management. Connect with Mike on Twitter and Linkedin.