table of bouquestOne of our most successful fundraisers to date is our Valentine’s Day chocolate rose sale. We had two days of sales, and the roses got sold out fast. On the first day, we sold individual roses along with a pre-order of roses in vases, but unfortunately, we didn’t get any pre-orders. The next day, we made five arrangements of roses in a vase, and we also made bouquets with handmade ribbons holding the roses together.

1. Hershey Chocolate Kisses–or other chocolate

2. Skewers

3. Green floral tape

4. Tape

5. Wrapping tissues

BouquetHere’s what you do:

Cut the wrapping tissues into 4 in by 4 in squares  (or you can eye it and cut it how you see fit). Take a Hershey Kiss and stick the pointy skewer into the chocolate’s peak, and tape the flat end of another Hershey onto the flat of the Hershey attached to the skewer. Once you’re done with that, take the wrapping tissues you’ve cut and wrap the two Hershey Kisses down, then tape the wrapping tissue onto the skewer stick. All that’s left to do is wrap the skewer in green floral tape; make sure you cover/tape the remaining wrapping tissues onto the skewer. (The green floral tape is stretchy, it’s best to stretch the tape as you wrap).

You’re DONE!Many BouquestOnce you’ve gotten the steps down, you can use just about any types/shapes of chocolate and create your own designs of roses/flowers!

Although this is for Valentine’s Day, by changing the color of the wrapping tissues, you could make the roses spring colors and create a gift of spring flowers for your loved ones and friends!

I recommend making and selling bundles of flowers, but individual flowers should also be available for those who understand the wonderful meaning of ONE ;).

Vangelina Chang is the NSCS Chapter President at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She’s majoring in literature.