As students, your NSCS National Leadership Council understands that it can be difficult to find students of the same major with whom you can network and treat as not just a friend but a professional resource. Having said that, we have designed a project that will facilitate the professional development of NSCS members by creating a hub through which members can communicate, cooperate, and innovate—collectively bringing National local.

From September to November, the first week of every month will be dedicated to specific career fields:

1) You think you have what it takes to own a business or to manage one? September 2 to September 6 is  BizWeek! Bounce ideas around with fellow business majors and see how you could expand your network through a mere Facebook page.

2) Are you the next Picasso? Maybe, maybe not. Want to know the answer? September 30 to October 4 is ArtsWeek. Use this time to meet fellow artists and get some inspiration you’ve been dying to find but your local Michaels could no longer supply.

3) November 4 to November 8 is SciWeek, which means all the science buffs will have tons of fun arguing objectively with each other all while discovering where it’s best to work for their specific health-related fields.

Mondays will focus on majors and careers.

Tuesdays will focus on internships and recruiting.

Wednesdays will focus on the steps you must take in order to ensure that you get the career you want and that you become indispensable as a professional.

Thursdays will focus on graduate degrees.

And, since Fridays are meant to be fun, Fridays will focus on fun facts about the field as well as any additional tips on networking.

This is your chance to network nationally, locally. BizWeek starts next week, so keep your eyes glued on the NLC Facebook page—big opportunities await you!