I think it’s awesome that 39,999 other people also thought it would be a good idea to come to the University of South Florida. However, lots of students need lots of space. And since skyscrapers aren’t all the rage yet this side of the Pacific, lots of space means that our campus is urban sprawl incarnate.

On any given day, I will be trekking from one side of the university to the other–at least twice.  I’m usually in a rush, and I’m usually short on sleep.  The last thing I need is foot pain, as I subject my feet to cruelly uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion.  Birkenstocks went a long way toward remedying this problem, but not without a cost.  For those of you that don’t know, wearing Birkenstocks is essentially the same as wearing a parka: comfortable, but not exactly compatible with a slick profile.  Some days I simply don’t feel like having boats on my feet.  For these days, I have at last found the perfect solution. They’re called Sanuks, and they are the weirdest and wickedest shoes ever.

“Sanuk” means ‘smile’ in Thai.  And ever since I bought a pair, my feet have been doing just that.  Sanuk shoes basically let you move like you’re walking barefoot.  Sanuks also pass any rigorous fashion requirements, as they are small and sleek and come in bagillions of colors and prints.

In the interest of avoiding product placement, I am also an avid fan of Vans (which mimic the Sanuk style) and any generic pair of flip-flops.  The moral of the story is merely that you can have it all: Love your shoes and look good, too.

Here’s looking forward to the new wave of podiatry and panache.

Lauren Potts is an NSCS member at The University of South Florida. When she’s not studying for her Mass Communications classes, she can be found longboarding, doing yoga, singing or just hanging out with friends. She also enjoys being a part of the environmental and social justice clubs on campus. She can get stoked about anything; everything is an adventure. She can be found on Twitter @laurennbrrooke.