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“Can I get everything done?” you may think to yourself at one a.m. on a Sunday staring at your laptop screen. Two jobs on top of a class schedule that’s bursting at the seams? It’s a lot to handle, but there can be benefits to a second job. Here are some things to consider when you’re thinking about taking on another job.

I have two jobs, two jobs working for print publications no less. Sometimes I find myself thriving on the pressure and the challenge, but other times I feel like screaming “no more!” This brings me to my first point. You will be busy, you may not have as much time to do other things. That means sacrificing some of your free time that would go to hanging out with friends, going out on hikes or even just relaxing. Life will become a balancing act, but again it may be worth it for you. Some personalities even enjoy the workaholic lifestyle, myself included.

Some things may not get done since you might have to push them aside. There are only so many hours in the day, and on especially busy days you will be racing the sun. Remember that school should be your top priority. Do you need the extra time to focus on school? If a second job means your grades will suffer I would advise against signing on. After all, advancing your education is why you are attending college in the first place but again…

Your jobs can be a unique learning experience all their own. Working on a monthly newsletter has taught me more about all the work that goes into creating a publication than any of my journalism courses. The job offers you get may be a once in a lifetime thing that will be worth the experience … and the space on your resume.

Why do you need the job? Higher education is getting more and more expensive, so it’s perfectly reasonable and sane to consider getting a second job. If you’re taking the job for monetary reasons examine how much it pays in relation to the amount of work that will be expected of you. Some jobs will pay more than others. And some “jobs” won’t pay at all. You will have more responsibilities, including the one where you will have to show up every day, so make sure it’s worth it. Some jobs will follow you home, and you will be expected to continue working until things are done. Other jobs aren’t as demanding and will only require your soul during shift hours.

Of course remember to think about your sanity. Instead of more on your plate, maybe you need the downtime. Stress is a real concern, don’t give yourself an unnecessary amount. Unhealthy stress can end up affecting every aspect of your life from school to your social life. Make sure to take care of yourself first. A second job can expand your college experience, so it’s worth the consideration. Make sure to take your time with your decision before jumping into anything.

Naomi Noelani Lugo is a student journalist at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. She writes as the broadcast news editor for the campus newspaper the Kaleo, and as the assistant editor for the publication, Seawords. To stay inspired, she  listens to NPR, discovers  independent media and obscure pop culture. Her blog is and she can be found on twitter @NaomiLugo.