The holiday season is amongst us. As if wondering what to get your loved ones isn’t enough, now you have to participate in  Secret Santa events with your various organizations. It’s about that time for you to stress over the pressure of gift-giving — wrong! Chic geeks don’t worry, we are resourceful! Here is your guide for great Secret Santa gifts under $15, regardless of whose name you pull.

Gifts for Him:

1.  Signature Collection Men’s Gift Set – $12.50 at Bath and Body Works
Men love skincare products almost as much as women. Available in five different scents, this gift set is sure to please. Not only are all the scents great smelling, but the gift set also comes with a mesh sponge that creates a luxurious lather.

2.  Sharper Image HDMX Speakers, Go Portable Audio Case – $15.99 at Macy’s
An attachable, on-the-go, compact speaker case for his favorite MP3 player. Also equipped with a storage pocket for the device and headphones. A little over our budget but it’s worth the extra dollar. P.S. this is also perfect for traveling.

3.  Randa Accessories,  Security Wallet – $9.99 at Macy’s
I know most men have their favorite wallet and that’s what they stick to until it falls apart. But just in case you grab an open-minded fella, this security wallet is very clever. Made out of a hard case, this durable, water-resistant wallet is perfect for the wet winter ahead. Plus it has tons of handy card slots.

4. For Men Maca Root Cleansing Duo – $10 at The Body Shop
What in the world is a Maca? It may be unfamiliar but don’t be discouraged. The Body Shop never disappoints when it comes to skincare and men crave their skin to be soft and supple like a baby’s bottom (even if they deny it).

5. Wagan Deluxe Heated Seat Cushion – $13.96 at Walmart
A heated seat cushion for less than $15? How could anyone go wrong? Whether you are giving a gift to a commuting student or someone who just wouldn’t mind bringing this home during winter break, this gift is sure to brighten up his eyes during the holiday party!

Gifts for Her:

1. Sarah Peyton Flameless Candle Garden – $9.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond
Candles bring a nice ambiance to a room. Unfortunately they are banned from  most dorm rooms. But no worries, flameless candles have the same effect. Just suggest a nice room spray to go with this set and they will be ready to switch up the mood of their room.

2. Fruit & Nut Lip Trio – $10 at The Body Shop
Lip Moisturizers should be in everybody’s winter survival kit due to the dry atmosphere. Included are three mini lip butters in shea, coconut, and mango wrapped in decorative holiday paper.  If you give her this lip butter set, you should definitely earn some “cool points” (no pun intended), think about it,  you just saved her from dry, cracked wintry lips.

3. Merry Mailbox Gift Set – $12.50 at Bath and Body Works
This gift-set is equipped with a 3oz bottle of lotion, shower gel, and fragrance mist in great holiday fragrances (TSA approved bottle sizes also great for traveling). The items come inside a holiday decorated mailbox. Not sure of its exact purpose, but oh well it’s cute.

4. Benefit Cosmetics One Prime Day – $10 at Sephora
This is ideal for that lady that loves makeup. Included is “That Gal” which is a face primer indented to brighten up the appearance of their foundation, “POREfessional” balm minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines, and dual-action “Stay Don’t Stray” eye primer ensures that your concealer and eye shadow don’t move a muscle and stays on throughout the day.

5. Faded Glory Women’s Shawl Collar Sweater Cardigan – $15 at Walmart
Women love soft and cozy fabrics. Especially in the form of a sweater. This is a great gift because a nice cardigan is always needed for the winter season. Just don’t forget to request a gift receipt in case you purchase the wrong size.

Now you have something to get started with, just in case you fall into the category with the other panicking holiday shoppers. Some additional items to be considered that weren’t listed include gift cards, movies, musical albums, and food or candy gift baskets. Stores vary in price, but you can usually find most of these items for under $15. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Ashley Williams is a junior, Broadcast Journalism major and Digital Design minor at Howard University. She is a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Social Action chair for the NSCS chapter at Howard University. She is a true chic geek at heart as she truly enjoys shopping for great deals, and putting different styles together. She enjoys sharing her deals, beauty and fashion secrets to whoever is willing to listen. She is a contributing writer for TalkNerdy2Me and