Meet our Scholar of the Week, Stephanie Agard. Stephanie is a recent graduate of Hillsborough Community College where she studied Architecture.

Stephanie’s favorite NSCS experience was her New Member Induction Ceremony. “I missed my first ceremony in October of 2015, but being able to attend the Induction Ceremony in spring of 2016 made everything much better,” she said. “I felt so welcomed and genuinely happy that I was able to feel a part of an organization that is always doing good for the community and treats its new members with pride and warmth. It was truly memorable and a great honor for me to attend.”

In the future, Stephanie plans on continuing to pursue her dream of becoming an architect. “I am an international student from the island of Trinidad and Tobago and I came to the United States to fulfill my goals of earning my degree to have a professional career as an Architect and Designer.”

For her contributions to her community, Stephanie is our NSCS Scholar of the Week! Congrats!