Now that Old Man Winter is upon us, I am extremely excited to pull out my winter scarves. I myself am a scarf connoisseur – my secret is to buy beautiful and chic scarves, even if I can’t think of anything off the top of my head to wear with them. It forces me to think outside of the box when putting my outfit together because I have this really nice scarf that I’d like to wear, but I have no idea what to wear with it.

The first rule to being chic is to be different while being stylish. The first rule to being a geek is to be innovative. A scarf purchase is something that can never do you any harm. Regardless of your personal style, a scarf can turn any outfit into a masterpiece.

Winter scarves that are worth considering include styles such as the knit infinity scarf (sometimes also referred to as a snood), wool scarves, acrylic scarves, and fleece scarves. These styles and materials are guaranteed to keep any chic geek warm during the season.
If you’re the type of chic geek that recognizes the art in scarf wearing, then I would suggest that you check out 25 ways to wear a scarf on You Tube. While I was watching the video, my co-worker kept laughing at me because all she could hear was me saying, “oooh” and “interesting”, then followed by a “hum” sound of enlightenment. You learn something new every day.

Once you chic geeks have bought your scarves and started exploring different ways in which to wear them, we’d love for you to leave a comment under this post to tell TalkNerdy2Me how it’s going for you!

Ashley Williams is a Broadcast Journalism major and Digital Design minor at Howard University. She is a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Social Action chair for the NSCS chapter at Howard University. She is a chic geek at heart as she truly enjoys shopping for great deals, and putting different styles together. She enjoys sharing her deals, beauty and fashion secrets with whoever is willing to listen. She is a contributing writer for TalkNerdy2Me and