Whether you have graduated or if you still have some years to go, it is important to constantly update your résumé. However, traditional résumés are becoming just one of the many ways to apply for a job, depending on the position you are looking to acquire!


Examples: http://vizualize.me/nessabirdie

Vizualize.me takes your résumé information from LinkedIn and transforms it into a dynamic visual display of your work. This would be a great option to place within your blog; blogs are a great way for people to generate buzz and get to know you personally. With the amazing theme and color choices, you will be able to match the look and feel of your blog.

About.Me & Flavors.Me

Examples: http://about.me/shayq & http://flavors.me/nessabirdie

Flavors.me and About.me act very similar. They get all of your social media activity, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc., and place it in one central location. This is a great option as a homebase; you are able to showcase your personality without having to do much work. This has definitely taken the place of traditional websites. Pairing the vizualize.me and one of these options would be really cool!

Video Résumés

Examples: Shannon T. Boodram - http://youtu.be/7iWhCOjTjvg

Video résumés are a lot of fun; they can definitely allow someone’s creative side to shine. This can also be seen as a reel. This type of resume would be especially useful if you are going into media communications or journalism.

Facebook Pages

Take advantage of the Facebook page to generate your online resume! This would be an ideal option for someone going into social media or public relations. You are able to show that you can use social media and social networking outside of blabbing about what you ate for dinner!

3D Résumé

Examples: http://pixcaliba.deviantart.com/art/Ideas-in-a-box-155822091

As someone that works at a technical school, I would think this would be a great way for some of the students, especially architecture students, to display their creativity! This is definitely one that could not stand on its own – you would need a traditional résumé, but you will get the recruiter’s attention.



When you don’t have anything to wear, what do you throw on? A t-shirt! What if that t-shirt dubbed as your resume, as well! Make sure your information is accurate; you don’t want to accidentally wear that shirt already having a job or having changed your email address!

Additional Tidbits

It is easy to blur the lines between professional and personal. If you have some raunchy statuses on Facebook, it is best not to link that to your digital resume.

A lot of times, these following examples can serve as a nice compliment to your traditional résumé, not a supplement. Always have a traditional one ready!

If you want more information regarding digital resumes, feel free to check out Mashable’s infographic!


VaNessa Thompson is a graduate student at Lawrence Technological University majoring in Technical and Professional Communication.  She graduated with a BA in Communication from Michigan State University where she was a NSCS member.  Also at Michigan State, she was an RA for 3.5 years.  Currently, she is one of NSCS’s Social Media Ambassadors (tweets, posts, and everything in between) as well as an employee for LTU’s University Housing.  She hopes to get her PhD in Communication and become a professor.