“How will I make new friends?”

“Do I need to buy all these textbooks?”

“Should I join a fraternity?”

Sound familiar? These are only a few of the millions of questions running through a freshman’s mind. So, to answer them, College Magazine started a project entitled “#WishIHadKnownFreshmanYear.” They asked college students nationwide to think back to their own freshman year and hand over one juicy piece of advice to make college life a little less daunting for the class of 2015.

The responses were surprising, very real and hilarious. Go to office hours, make a career out of your passion, slow down on the pizza and beer or simply bring shower shoes were just a few pointers these upperclassman say they wish they had known.

After a week, College Magazine received 99 quotes in total and turned them into postcards. The goal is that these students’ words will be the ones freshmen remember most and take to heart as they step into their new homes. To check out the postcards here.

College Magazine is still looking for their 100th piece of advice. If you’re feeling crafty, and up to the challenge, submit your own postcard to editorial@collegemagazine.com.