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We can’t say for certain, but it seems the new HBO series Girls may have had an influence on this week’s Pop Geek playlist. It’s no wonder, with a bit of new found freedom and free-time you’re bound to find new creative outlets. So, this week forget about what’s behind you and let go of what’s ahead of you. It’s summertime … and the livin’ is easy.


Check back and tune-in next week for jams to get you through days by the pool, internships, or whatever else you may be doing!

Bianca Williams is a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars and works as an NSCS Social Media Intern and Ambassador. She is also a University of Arizona graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts in English as a Second Language.  With experience in everything from New Media to language acquisition, there’s nothing this girl won’t attempt! All of her musical tastes and influences come from her life experiences, world travels and the amazing people who have shared their lives with her along the way. Follow her on Twitter @biancadene.