Meet our Scholar of the Week, Philip White. Philip is a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he is majoring in psychology and sociology. He will also be serving as an officer for the VCU chapter of NSCS during the 2016 – 2017 school year.
Philip’s favorite NSCS experience has been participating in fundraisers for cancer research.“Being able to influence other people to be a part of a greater cause enriched the experience and made it very memorable,” he said.
Philip enjoys working with children and makes it a priority in his academic life. “I started working with kids when I was in high school and I have received great joy out of working with them ever since,” he said. “Overseeing and teaching children has taught me a great deal of responsibility, but also about how to communicate with a variety of different people.”
For his contributions to his campus, community, and NSCS, Philip is our Scholar of the Week. Congratulations!