What can NSCS do for you? I know that ultimately there are a lot of different clubs and organizations that you can get involved with on campus. As a high achiever, they all want you. (Honestly, who wouldn’t!?) What sets NSCS apart besides the great programming, integrity, scholarship and service is we give you want you want -discounts!
RightOnAt NSCS we are currently working on growing our partnerships so they benefit all our members. Currently with our discount partners just for being an NSCS member you can save up to $1,850! That’s right I said $1,850! What’s that you’re saying? You haven’t looked into these benefits? Make sure you check these out  at NSCS.org/Partners.

ShutUpWe have wonderful partnerships that are great for all types of members. We offer programs that can help you save on car insurance, rental cars, prescriptions, and other essential areas.


You’ve seen the Gecko, you’ve heard the saying,  because it’s true: You CAN save money with GEICO, and for being an NSCS member you can save up to 8% off your Car Insurance- check out a quote here at NSCS.org/GEICO.






Even with insurance, prescriptions can be expensive! Rx Cut gets you discounts on the prescriptions you already have, at the pharmacy you already use! Just register for your Rx Card in your member portal, and you can save big on products you already need!

Ultimately the discounts and benefits are there for you to take advantage of it. It’s just a matter of doing it, so go ahead, get your discount on. There is nothing stopping you!

me2Jennifer McCarty works for NSCS as the Coordinator of Member Benefits overseeing all Partnership relationships and is a proud University of Kansas Jayhawk. Jenn spends long days trying to put together the perfect discounts and benefits for NSCS Members.