Scholars, November is a BIG month. Big for you meaning maybe going home (or somewhere!) for Thanksgiving! Studying for midterms? Considering holiday shopping as you hear the first holiday tunes on the radio?

We can tell you, here at NSCS, big means we have some pretty big projects this month:

Service Month
We’re built around some pretty basic principles, service to others & our community is one of them. This month, all around the country, we’re working with The Jared Box Project. The idea is simple-gather a shoe box (or plastic Tupperware) & fill with small toys, coloring books, whatever fits & deliver to terminally ill children. Add a nice note of encouragement, and BOOM! you’ve just participated in service month. Far greater, you’ve just made the day of someone who needs all the smiles. Join us. Pass along to your friends. Make some at your folks house on Thanksgiving. Get involved today.

TODAY our Engaging Race scholarship is closing. On November the 19th, the Inspire Integrity Award is closing. Don’t miss out on the chance to apply to both…and keep checking back! We have new scholarship opportunities available all the time.

Holidays + Amazon Smile 
Okay, we will NOT start perpetuating holiday season like it feels happens more and more each year (are they holi-monsters?). BUT we will remind you that when you shop, Amazon gives!  Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to support NSCS. It’s that simple.

Start the Day RIGHT!
On a final note, this time of year can seem unreasonably…stressful? Tiring? It’s colder (for some of us!). Day light savings, curse you! But, regardless of what’s going on in your lives, there’s something to be said for starting the day on a good note. We like this piece (& the blog in general)  from The Fresh Exchange. We’re challenging ourselves to give it a shot.