“There’s nothing I love better than a dumb blonde with Daddy’s plastic.” Yes, I am talking about Elle Woods, President of Delta Nu sorority and the most famous sorority girl ever. Legally Blonde is definitely a favorite movie of mine, but unfortunately, it may have encouraged people to stereotype real sorority girls a little too much. A “typical” sorority girl is promiscuous, popular, rich, and the ultimate party girl. Frat guys can drink anyone under the table, have low GPAs, and only wear Sperrys, button-downs and khakis.

I am not in a sorority myself, but two of my roommates are Greek, and I have lots of Greek friends. My roommate got an invitation to join NSCS the same semester she rushed. My other roommate was in the United States Navy for six years, is now a junior, and pledged a fraternity. One of my best friends is a sorority girl, wears black nail polish, and works at a popular rock radio station in DC.

Three of my closest friends do not fit the mold of the Greeks that popular culture has pushed upon us with movies, TV shows, and music. And guess what? There are a lot more. There’s a lot more to this demographic than meets the eye.

Do some Greeks have low GPAs? Yes. But so do lots of non-Greeks. Do some fratastic guys wear Sperrys and khaki shorts often? Yes. But so do lots of other guys because that is the latest fashion trend. Do Greeks like to party? Absolutely yes! But you know non-Greeks go to parties, too.

All Greek organizations have philanthropy and each member puts in a lot of community service hours each year. Greeks have mandatory study hours to keep their grades high. Many celebrities, Presidents, and wealthy businessmen have pledged fraternities and sororities.

Please don’t lump Greeks together as being all one thing or another. We shouldn’t do that with race, ethnicity, or any other group. Give Greeks a break. They could be your boss, favorite actor, best friend, or significant other one day.

Alissa Sheehan has worked as a Member Outreach Intern at NSCS since January 2010. She graduated from George Mason University this May with a degree in Global Affairs. When Alissa is not interning, she can be found playing “Words with Friends” and eating  froyo. She will be heading to Costa Rica in January for a five-month internship.