Looking back on the past three years I have completed at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I cannot help but feel a sense of nostalgia. It seems like just yesterday that I was falling down all the time – that clumsy, yet athletic kid who constantly walked around with bruises on herself because she couldn’t stand on her own two feet without tripping. Now, I am a senior in college preparing to embrace the “big girl” world and all it has to offer.

Currently, I am in my Year-long Internship to become a teacher. You may ask, “Are you ready for this?” or “Are you scared?” The answer to both of these questions is a definite “yes.” Yes, I feel sufficiently prepared to begin this chapter in my life. I know that after this internship experience, I will be ready, willing, and able to lead my own classroom. I want to create a strong learning environment and make my students excited to learn. And yes, I am scared to death to grow up. Who isn’t? It’s an anxious, exciting feeling to realize my hard work has paid off. I’m coming to the end of this chapter in my life. That’s scary because there are so many unknowns about the future, but at the same time, it’s exciting. I’m wrapping up this chapter in my life, preparing myself for the next, which will be equally, if not more, exciting as this one.

As I look back on my years at UNC Charlotte, I recognize I have completely and utterly seized my college experience. I’ve embraced NSCS and all the opportunities it has to offer, including my position on the National Leadership Council. I’ve networked. I’ve traveled. I’ve made amazing friends. I’ve found the steadfast love of my sisters through Delta Zeta Sorority. I’ve made lasting memories. I’ve led. I’ve followed. I’ve taught. I’ve learned. I’ve grown. I’ve fallen apart. I’ve cried. I’ve loved. I’ve lost. I have left adolescence and enteredwomanhood. I owe all of this to my experience as a Charlotte 49er and a scholar of NSCS.

To those of you who are just beginning your college journey, pick something you are passionate about, and refuse to allow someone to sway your opinion. Take it, seize it, and run with it. Unlike my clumsy childhood, I now know how to stand alone when I must; however, there are so many amazing people surrounding me who help me stand when I am unable to do it on my own. I may still fall down occasionally, but my experience here has taught me to get up, wipe off, and keep truckin’ along. I will forever remember, and never, ever forget, my time here at this wonderful university learning and growing into the person I now am. “… We pledge our trust in you and wave your colors high! The loyal Niner Nation cheers Forever! We’ll Fight-Fight-Fight!”


Kirsti Williamson is a senior who attends The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. She is majoring in Middle Grades Education, with concentrations in both Math and English. After teaching in the state of North Carolina for four years upon graduation to fulfill the specifications of the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Scholarship, she plans on teaching in Africa. Kirsti joined NSCS towards the end of her freshman year, later serving as Secretary/Treasurer and Chapter President. She cultivated relationships and partnerships in the community and within her chapter. Serving as President allowed Kirsti the opportunity to meet many people and make new friends. Kirsti currently serves on the 2012-2013 National Leadership Council.