Meet our NSCS Scholar of the Week, Jacob Bruggeman! Jacob is a sophomore at Miami University where he is studying History and Political Science. Jacob was also recently elected Chapter President of the Miami University chapter of NSCS.

Jacob’s favorite NSCS experience was attending his Induction Ceremony: “My induction ceremony was delightful: it was a night of conversing with other NSCS members’ families, chatting about extra-curricular involvement, and taking first-steps towards involvement with chapter.”

Jacob is currently working on a research project on the political history of homelessness. “This year we will be applying for funding from several on and off campus sources, and so we hope to use these funds to better our research!” he said. “The project is an in-depth historical analysis of why homelessness is such a chronic issue that, often times, seems impossible to solve; a side-by-side viewing of contemporary conservative and liberal philosophies of homelessness and a historically informed breakdown of the origin of the modern statistics surrounding homelessness.”

For his contributions to his campus community and to NSCS, Jacob is our Scholar of the Week! Congrats!