You just had a great interview.  You clicked with the recruiter, you liked the hiring manager… even the receptionist was friendly.  You really want that job.  What can you do AFTER the interview to help make sure the job us yours?

Within the first 24 hours….

Send a (separate) thank you note to everyone you met with.  Each note should be customized for each person you met with and should be used as one more way to sell yourself.  Keep the note short and concise.  Emailed noted are fine; some people prefer to send handwritten notes. Either way is fine as long as they are sent within 2 hours after the interview.

3 days after stated notification date…

If you haven’t heard from the employer 3 days after you expected to hear from them, call your initial contact and ask for a status update.  For example, if they said it would take a week to make a decision, call 10 days after the interview (3 days after the expected date).  Be prepared to leave a professional voice mail if you don’t get them on the phone directly.

2 weeks after notification date…

Send an email to your initial contact reiterating your interest and qualifications for the position.


Sit back and wait.  Hiring decisions always take longer than people expect.  It’s important to show your interest but you don’t want to appear pushy or difficult. Most recruiters are incredibly busy and just don’t have the time or resources to follow up promptly.  Your phone call and email will let them get back to you when they have a chance.

Susan Kennedy is the Founder of Career Treking, a job coaching firm that specializes in helping college students and graduates identify and find the right job. Since 2005, Susan has helped countless college grads find their ideal position and career path, regardless of college major. Susan has also published a book, The Job Coach for Young Professionals. You can find Susan on Facebook and follow her on Twitter at @SusanCareerTrek.