When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it’s easy to gather some friends to head outside for a jog, stroll, or bike ride. Desirable conditions make it easier to simply head to the gym, since leaving your home or apartment isn’t such a chore.

Of course for most of us, spring is either right around the corner or it’s already here, so braving the snow or cold isn’t a cause for concern. But what do you do when your friend bails on your gym date, or when you simply don’t feel that your class schedule will permit you to leave your dorm room for more than 15 minute increments?

This is where the internet, your laptop, or your television come in handy.

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Tiller

There are many online videos, DVD series, or soundtracks available for purchase or free live streaming that enable you to work out from the comforts of your home. Here are a few great choices that will leave you just as fit as if you followed your normal routine:

RealAge.com: This website has numerous tests, videos, and articles to help you live forever young. For free, you can watch one of nineteen videos on everything from working your core, building overall strength, or even just improving your flexibility. With minimal equipment required or time devotion required, you can feel relaxed, rejuvenated, or fully exercised in 20 minutes or less. Dr. Oz, a favorite on the Oprah Winfrey Network, and his specialists have created this wonderful series to get you feeling great.

P90X: This program has gained a widespread following in the years since its release. Tony Horton, the developer of the program, believes in getting your body to do a host of different exercises in order to maximize overall fitness. Followers of his training design can be assured to see visible results within a few short weeks. I personally have completed his ab series, and I have never felt stronger. If bought online at Amazon.com, these DVDs can be purchased for less than $70. If you chip in with a friend or two, you can get 4 disks that will leave you feeling and looking better than you possibly ever have before.

Exercise TV: A great place for all things fitness. Featuring full-length videos on activities including stretching, walking, dancing, and myriad others, this site has everything you need to get in shape. Billy Banks Jr. is the featured trainer, and his motivating personality is enough to get you going. Three different levels are offered, so there’s plenty to offer for individuals of all abilities.

As you can see, there are many ways to get physical fitness without having to drive long distances, brave the elements, or pay for expensive gym memberships. Good luck!

Elizabeth Tiller is a junior at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She has been competing in track and field and cross country for nine years, both at the high school and collegiate level. When she’s not traveling for competitions, she is studying Spanish or Public Administration. She has a variety of interests but especially enjoys cooking and being outdoors.