As students and young adults some of the most rewarding, life teaching moments will be when we subject and immerse ourselves in other cultures and places.  We are told by our friends, parents, teachers and mentors to travel and see the world while we are young because it is the best time for those experiences. The only problem to this is since we are students and young, we usually don’t have the expenses to pay for this travel. Well that’s what I am going to help you with. Here are a few ways students and young adults can travel cheap or even free of charge.

1.       Teach English as a Foreign Language


It is rather easy to find jobs teaching English in foreign countries. Sometimes a certification is required, but they are not difficult to get and can be taken care of online.  This is a great way to travel while still earning a living!

2.       AuPairnanny-background-checks-for-home-care

Travel to your ideal place by getting hired to take care of a family’s children and live with them!

3.       Footprints Teach English as a Foreign Languageimages

Best sight for TEFL wannabe’s! This site will guide you through finding a job, getting to the country, etc, etc. Everything you need to know you can find here. You also don’t need a certification, just to speak English fluently; however, you can get paid more for having a TEFL certification!

4.       Couchsurfingcouch_surfing

Exactly as it states, find people in other places willing to lend their couches to your adventures. All applicants are screened!

5.       Retreat Findermaturity retreat page

This is a great place to find mellow adventures from yoga retreats to religious retreats! If you’re looking to get away and find yourself, this is the site for you.

6.       IdealistVolunteer-abroad

This is a great sight to volunteer abroad. You get to travel while saving the world one step at a time.

7.       CoolWorkssnowboarder-cartoon-thought

Travel to places by season with the site with lists of seasonal jobs all over the world! This is for the outdoorsy types who love adventure and exciting places!

8.       Back Door Jobsteaser_WILD_EAGLE1_FFA10_RGB_300x200

If you are the type who loves adventures this site is for you. Here you can find all sorts of different, interesting ways to make money while you travel!

9.       Work Awaysuprise

Work away is a website where you can find beautiful locations you want to travel to and people who will give you free food and housing to work for them. So while traveling you can also immerse yourself inside the culture more intimately.

bianca-214x300Bianca R. Kofman is a senior at San Diego State University majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in International Studies. Originally from Monterey, California, Bianca moved to San Diego for college and will be graduating in May, hoping to pursue a career in nonprofits and international business. She joined NSCS during the spring of her freshman year at SDSU and is a member of Delta Gamma-Epsilon Sigma Chapter, Rotaract and Mortar Board. Visit her website to talk about community service, travel or business or connect with her on Linkedin. Click here to view her other writing samples and blog posts. Visit her advice column.