Want to burn calories fast while toning your body? Spinning is the way to go. The spinning bike was first brought to the gym in 1987. Surprisingly, what was meant to be a winter training session for cyclists is now known and used by most gym members for an extreme workout. The spin bike can be used for an individual workout, but for the best exercise you should partake in a spinning group fitness class. In a group class you have multiple aspects to inspire you to push yourself to the limit.

First, you have the group instructor. The instructor is trained to help you get a safe and effective workout. Typically, the instructor is loud, enthusiastic, and encouraging. They won’t let you stop, and you won’t want too. Secondly, you have many people spinning around you. When you want to give up, think there are people feeling the same pain as you, and if they don’t stop, why would you? Lastly, if people cannot give you enough motivation to push yourself, then listen to the music. In spin classes, music is key to a great workout. Usually, it is loud with strong beats, telling you whether to sprint or slowly climb a hill.

There is so much diversity in a spin class that you would never find it monotonous. There are three common positions on the spin bike, which are sitting, standing, and climbing, or position one, two, and three. In all of the positions there are different drills you can do. There are sprints, jumps, climbs, and much more. As you move around the bike, it is hard to not be distracted from the pain. Instead, you’ll focus on the new drill at hand, and push yourself for the time being.

Normally a spin class is forty-five minutes to an hour long. There are longer classes, yet just in an hour you can burn around 500-700 calories. These classes are just as, or even more, effective as running and swimming. Running is a great cardio workout, yet it mostly works your legs, and it is hard to achieve the proper intensity for a good swimming workout. Spinning gives you heart a great interval workout and tones your legs, strengthens your core, and if you try the newest type of spin class, SoleCycle, you even tone your arms. Spinning a few times a week would be great for your body. Just do not forget to stretch properly so that your body can rejuvenate for the next workout.

Karlenna Lombardi is a sophomore at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is currently a Communications and Journalism major. She hopes to graduate college and move to New York or California to join the media world. In order to make this happen Karlenna is trying to be involved on campus. She is an Alpha Phi, and loves every one of her sisters in her sorority. She also is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, which is a service fraternity. More related to communications, Karlenna is part of Miami Television News and the student radio. She loves being involved with the media. Karlenna also enjoys photography, writing, and working out. Working out is a part of who she is because it puts her in a good mood and readies her for the day. Working out has become a hobby just as much of a habit. If Karlenna is not busying herself, she enjoys talking and having a good time with her friends. Karlenna is excited for her next two years of college, and what life will bring her in the future.