Want a way to synchronize your workout to pulsating rock and pop rhythms in a motivated group setting with inspiring instructors?  I recommend you sample a spinning class.  Whatever gym you belong to, I can almost guarantee spinning classes are a staple in the class schedule.  For us busy college students, we need a class that guarantees a good sweat, as well as an all-over body workout.

Now first and foremost, what is spinning class?  Also known as cycling, spinning uses stationary bikes in an organized classroom setting.  Using music, motivation, and visualization, an instructor leads participants on a ride that simulates conditions of outdoor biking, such as wind resistance.  An instructor can be that extra push on an amazing 45-60 minute bike ride.

Aside from working the back, hips, quadriceps, and hamstrings, spinning has also been proven to be a tremendous core workout.  Ladies, this means flat abs for the summer, and boys: SIX PACK!!  Spinning is undeniably an all-over body workout, and targets 60-80 percent of your heart rate.  For calorie burn: 600-800.  That’s like eating a fourth meal in your day, so you more than deserve to chow down!  When we get those late-night munchies studying in the wee hours of the night, a spinning class will chop off some of that guilt.  After all, you worked hard that day!

Two advantages to note are the safety aspect as well as the degree of intensity.  Unlike outdoor cycling, you don’t need a helmet, and there’s no danger of falling off your bike.  Rain or shine, you can cycle.  While spinning does make participants sweat,  the pace is solely controlled by you with the flywheel.  If you would like to sweat your brains out (which many participants do), then you adjust the flywheel accordingly.  What’s amazing about a spinning class is that you ARE motivated to push your hardest with the pairing of music and a instructor.  You’ll see young, old, untrained, trained, in shape, and out of shape all as active participants in a class.  If you can move, you can cycle!

I urge you to try a spinning class in your nearest gym.  If the experience exceeds your expectations, log onto to learn more about fitness tips, apparel, and training videos.  If you really like it, you can become a spinning enthusiast…like me!  From May 31-June 3, the Hotel Intercontinental in Miami, Florida will be hosting the World Spinning and Sports Conference that compile dynamic programs from all over the world including body blade, peak pilates, resist-a-ball, and spinning, of course!

Sandy Jolles is a sophomore at James Madison University. She has a passion for writing, writes for the collegiate newspaper and is a fitness enthusiast, specifically a cardio junkie.  Sandy also enjoys public speaking as influenced by her father and is active in the Make Your Mark on Madison, a leadership development program that especially sharpens leadership and speaking skills for underclassmen.