FeetviewThe spring semester is coming to an end which has us thinking about part time jobs and days spent by the pool. Perhaps you are like me and stuck to a workout regimen until spring break, but prepping for finals left little energy or time to continue working out. Summer break gives us three months to relax, and after a stressful week of finals, the mental vacation summer offers means we can also work out all the stress from the school year. If you are going home this summer, and won’t have access to your school’s state of the art work out facility, you can still get into shape.


I know, I know you hate to run. You would rather do anything else to work out as long as you didn’t have to run! I’m sorry to say it, but there is no better substitute for this calorie burner, stress reliever, and body toning workout. Put on a comfortable pair of tennis shoes and hit the concrete. If you are just starting to get into shape, alternate running in intervals for five minutes with ten minutes of brisk walking. Each day you go running, add a minute to the time you are running by subtracting the minutes you are walking. Before you know it, you will be able to run for thirty minutes straight.


If you get shin splints after running check the brand of your tennis shoes. I ran cross country in high school, and my doctor told me changing the brand of your exercise shoes (ex: Nike to New Balance) season to season you will increase your chance of forming shin splints. So pick the brand that fits you best and stick with it.


One of the most common mistakes people make when they are trying to get in shape is forgetting to stretch. Stretching is just as important as working out. Not only does it prevent injuries, it also elongates your muscles so that you have a nice lean form. Stretching also helps you cool down from a workout, and it helps you feel relaxed. If you don’t want to spend 30 minutes doing yoga, you can always focus on your hamstrings, your calves, your arms, and your oblique’s. If you are running, those are the main muscles that tend to become tense.


Don’t worry; I am not going to offer you any diet tips, but to get into shape you should enjoy a well-balanced diet. Take advantage of all the summer fruits that are beginning to harvest; For example, strawberries, blackberries, and peaches. These are my go-to foods when I am baking summer cobblers, and they are a good alternative to junk food if you need a snack!

MirandaSMiranda Stapleton is an English Education major at the University of Georgia. Miranda enjoys traveling, exploring pop culture, and watching Netflix when she isn’t studying.