7674799822_6ab935c012_oAs many of us know, the Hipster movement is spreading across college campuses around the nation. When I first heard of a “hipster” I was disinterested. Cool, I thought, but that was it. I did not like the new image many college students were portraying. However, I knew that like always, fashion trends I initially disliked, would end up capturing my heart.

I am not a “hipster” in principle or fashion; however, I have come to love some trends derived in hipster-esque essence. For the sake of this article, we will call it Geek Chic.

To compile a Geek Chic wardrobe, you need four basic items:

1) Flats

Although combat boots are gracing the floor at fall fashion week, a Geek Chic girl should stick to preppy footwear likes these from American Eagle. If you live on a campus where you do a lot of walking, Toms would also be a good Geek Chic shoe of choice.



2) Cords

I’m talking about corduroy. From skinny, to boot cut, to boyfriend style pants, this fabric has made a major comeback for fall 2013, and nothing says Geek Chic like a classic pair of cords. Get them in a deep red for an extra festive feel.



3) Cardigans

This is the perfect fall weather solution. If it isn’t quite cool where you live, you can layer a cardigan with a simple tank underneath. If you live in a colder climate you can layer it with a basic long sleeve t-shirt or a knit sweater, and throw on a scarf to accessorize. Cardigans are so essential for fall that you can find them anywhere: J.Crew, Gap, American Eagle, and Target.



4) Glasses

Yes, I saved the best for last. THE most important accessory to pull off any Geek Chic look is glasses! Big, thick, plastic glasses are the biggest trend of the season. I, an avid contact wearer, recently purchased a pair of black and pink plastic glasses to wear this season. Glasses used to make me feel like I wasn’t “put together” and I would never leave the house without my contacts. Thanks to the massive movement to make glasses not only functional but stylish, many people are trading in their contacts, at least part time, to enjoy this fashion forward trend.



We are going to give away a year’s supply of frames, (twelve pairs!), to the best comments on the blog, and the winner will be featured on Geek Eyewear’s website and social media accounts.

So comment! There’s nothing to lose!

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mirandaMiranda is a junior at the University of Georgia. She is an English major and enjoys traveling and exploring pop culture. She is unsure what she wants to pursue upon graduation, but is thinking about law school, education, or perhaps something in the world of writing.