As we all know, New York Fashion Week has come and gone and officially marked the end of summer for all of us fasionistas out there.  This means that runway styles have now hit trend status and are heading our way.  Here is what we can expect to see walking down the runways (or hallways, at least!) of our campuses this fall.

Fearless Fall Designs:

Don’t worry, ladies, color blocking is still in!  We can expect to see this style in not only fall tones but now fall textures, too.  Designers have made this trend interesting by introducing different blocks of fabric alongside colors.  Fall florals, loud geometric patterns, lace, and ornate luxe prints will be making appearances this fall, as well.




Military/ Rocker Chic:

Grab your fitted flight jackets, studded army boots, and distressed jeans because this style is making a comeback.  Don’t forget your (faux) leather jacket, band tee, and red lipstick either because rock and roll is so not dead this fall.






Awesome Autumn Accessories:

Say ‘goodbye’ to your booties (no, not those booties!) and ‘hello’ to high style.  Tall boots will be making big strides down campus streets this fall whether they are equestrian style, rain boots, or heels.  Over-sized bags (filled with oversized textbooks, no doubt) will be making a comeback on campuses but portfolios are just as essential now.  They are the perfect accessory to hold your IPads and smartphones in while walking back and forth to class and theycome in a variety of fall prints and colors.  Shawls hit the runway for the first time in years, too, so if you are feeling bold, switch out your fall scarf for a trendy shawl.  Toss your summer golds while you are at it and add some silver to your wardrobe for fall.


Makeup, Makeup, Makeup!

This fall, save the dark smokey eyes for Halloween.  Instead, create a graphic, color block look using jewel-toned eye makeup with a nude lip.  And for everyday wear, less is really more this fall.  Leave your brows thick and bold, paired with bold red lips and light rosy cheeks.  Let your hair flow naturally with textured waves and you are good to go anywhere!  This easygoing style does not apply to nails, however.  Leave the neutral nail polish at home and, instead, try out a deep plum, navy blue, or metallic color.



Elana Williams is an honors student studying Art History, French, and English Literature at the University of Pittsburgh, Main Campus. She is part of the FeelGood club, an organization that raises money to give to the Hunger Project. Elana enjoys traveling all over the world and she also works as a manager/ head chef at a local business and enjoys getting inspiration out of the food she prepares.