Square, rectangle, circle. I’m talking about frames of course. Whether you are half blind or just enjoy the “hipster” look, glasses are making a comeback like never before. In the past wearing glasses was thought to be nerdy, coke bottle lenses that made your eyes look permanently magnified, but now they can be seen covering the faces of models and actors alike. Frames covering the famed Johnny Depp and Tina Fey only help to define their features. Squared frames help show off high cheek bones as well as highlight more angular jawlines. In contrast circular lenses make eyes look rounder and cheeks fuller.

men's eyewearWith technology improving we now have light sensitive lenses which not only are effective but can be used just about anywhere and look good too. Designers like Betsey Johnson and Ralph Lauren are even taking baby steps, rerouting from just sunglasses into full on eyewear with frames full of bright colors and funky patterns. As always we take trends from the past, modernize them and make them ours. Glasses of course are taking the same route, in years past trends of the 80’s like ray-bans covered at least one wall of forever 21.

Now older more grandpa-esque type glasses are in high demand. Black thick rimmed rectangular and tortoise shell aviator frames are making a comeback that would make your grandparents’ jaws drop. But unlike something you’d find in a closet owned by an eighty year old, trends like cat eye glasses are making a return to the fashion world in absolutely awesome ways. Bold statements can be made with a pair of bright red cat eye frames or go in a different direction with chic black.

sexygeekIt seems instead of heading towards the 90’s like most clothing trends currently are eye-ware is heading farther back in time. The 1950’s; only more exaggerated. Think Grease and the Pink Ladies rather than anything starring Marilyn Monroe or Clark Gable. Strangely enough we are using how the 1980’s saw the 50’s rather then looking at actual fashion trends of the 50’s to decide what to put on our faces. Maybe we’ll just stay in the 1980’s and 90’s forever and just use their biased ideas of past decades for the next 50 years until everybody just assumes that aviators, big black frames, and ray-bans are the only thing anyone has ever used to see what is literally right in front of them.

Now all you need to do is go to and find what works best for you! And oh, yeah…

We are going to give away a year’s supply of frames, (twelve pairs!), to the best comments on the blog, and the winner will be featured on Geek Eyewear’s website and social media accounts.

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