Recently, I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Kelsey, a mark. representative mentor. She helps train the women who sell mark. products (she also mentioned that this is a great job for girls our age because you can make your own hours! Hint. Hint.). More importantly, however, Kelsey knows what she’s talking about when it comes to fashion and beauty (just look at her picture!). Happily, I got to pick Kelsey’s brain a bit and she gave me some great beauty tips to share with all of you.

I started by asking Kelsey about the basics of skincare. As a busy college student I don’t have time to sleep, let alone worry carry out ten step skincare regimens, but Kelsey had some great advice before we moved on to her personal product choices.

Q: Why is good skincare so important and how can I make caring for my skin easy?

A: Good skincare is so important because a great look and great makeup starts with a fresh face!  It’s so important to cleanse and moisturize everyday.  Moisturize even if you have oily skin–there are specific moisturizers for you too!

mark.’s skincare is made with super fruits and super foods–meaning we use natural ingredients that will naturally help improve your skin, depending o your specific issues and needs.  Skincare is made easy with mark., because A) It’s affordable, and B) you can shop online for your specific skincare needs!  The mark. shop website separates the categories of skincare needs so you can find the products perfect for your skin!  And there’s not a whole bunch of extras–just the necessities!

NOTE: You can check out the mark. website here.

Q: Are there different types of make-up that you recommend for different skin types?

A: All of our products are oil-free and safe to use on any type of skin.  However, I would suggest a liquid (Face Xpert) or cream to powder (Min-a-real) foundation for dry to normal skin and a powder foundation for oily skin (Powderbuff).

Q: What are the 3 make-up items you can’t live without?

A: Min-a-Real Cream-to-Powder Foundation, Lash All You Want Mascara, and Keep it Going Long-Wear Eyeliner and Shadow duo in Exposure (see photo).

Q: What are this season’s make-up trends?

A: Metallic eyes.  Mark. has brand new i-mark. metallic shadows that have a shea butter formula for super smooth and vibrant application!

We also have Earn your Metal liquid shimmer liner that is long lasting and smudgeproof.  Really fun metallic liners!

While I had Kelsey’s attention, I realized that I should take advantage of the opportunity and ask for some fashion recommendations, as well. As for jewelry, Kelsey recommended trying out some funky rings (“Like our new disco domes rings that fit over two fingers and have really pretty glimmering crystal balls that peek through your fingers!”) and mixed-metal bracelets, like mark.’s Pave the Way bracelet set.

Kelsey also dished about her favorite easy-to-do hairstyle: “I love grabbing all my hair and twisting it into a low side bun.  Mark. also has a trendy Tress your Best hairpin in a wing shape with beautiful shining crystals!  I put this right behind my ear and in front of my side bun to add a little bling.” She also suggested some mark. products to help increase shine (Salon Straight Shine Spray) and hold your hair (Mega Volume Hair Spray).  Thanks, Kelsey!

My last question for Kelsey was one that would ensure I hadn’t shortchanged my fellow fashion-enthused college readers…

Q: Are there other beauty tips/tricks you think every college girl needs to know?

A: Let your creativity and moods shine through in your beauty and in your fashion choices.  We are so fortunate to be able to wear whatever we want and look however we want–everyday!  Express yourself!  Don’t limit yourself to sweats and tees everyday to class.  It’s just as easy to throw on a cute dress or boots, or whatever.  I find myself in a better mood and more focused for class when I actually put some thought and creativity into my look for the day.  It’s fun and gets your creativity flowing and confidence through the roof!  There’s no wrong answers when you think this way!  The best accessory—as corny as it is (but it’s true!)—is a positive attitude and to just be yourself. Nothing is prettier than YOU in your truest form!

Jessica Errera is a Sophomore, double majoring in Dramatic Art and English at The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. She loves theatre, reading, tennis and all things FASHION. She is also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and a contributing writer for TalkNerdy2Me. You can follow Jessica on Twitter at @thisJESStin.